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Charles Dillon is a Maryland international attorney, who services a diverse clientèle with domestic and international business and tax needs.  Clients from all over the world hire Charles to help them as their tax attorney, because of his thriving IRS controversy practice (fighting the IRS on behalf of his clients).   

After nearly 20 years of fighting for his clients both in the United States and overseas, Charles tells people he believes he's "seen it all" and "nothing surprises him anymore". There has yet to be a challenge presented to him that he is unable or unwilling to take head on.  Many legal matters initially seeming impossible have resulted in incredible resolutions for this clients.  
While no attorney's past performance is indicative of one's future chances for success (and never hire any attorney who even hints otherwise), please take your time and explore this website to learn more about Charles and the type of person and attorney he is.  You will find that he has many professional and legal distinctions spanning his entire career.  Individually, each one evidences his dedication to excellence, however, together they exemplify a career of foresight and the ability to overcome insurmountable challenges.  Some of the highlights of Charles Dillon's legal career include:  

Charles Dillon is a reliable and  smart choice for clients in need of a tax attorney, as well as an attorney with an extensive background providing business and international legal counsel.  You will always be treated with courtesy and integrity, and also provided realistic and honest legal advice. 

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"His in depth knowledge about tax and business saved me and my family from financial ruin. He is very easy to speak with and is completely non-judgmental. Thank goodness there are attorneys like Charles out there!"        - Avvo Review

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Charles Dillon's reputation as a tax attorney draws clients to Maryland from all corners of the globe seeking solutions to their legal concerns.