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Why is it smart to first hire a tax attorney before speaking with my CPA about my IRS tax problems?

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The attorney-client privilege, in dealing with both civil IRS tax problems and criminal IRS tax problems, can be essential in helping you resolve your IRS tax problem. This privilege ensures that you can be completely honest with your attorney and in return for your honesty, you can receive honest, candid and tailored legal advice. Most people, however, don’t realize that the accountant’s “tax preparation” privilege provided for by United States tax law is extremely limited and wholly inapplicable to IRS criminal investigations. Therefore, the limited scope of this rule can ultimately allow for your accountant to be compelled by the United States government to testify against you as well as produce documents you provided him or her. In my professional opinion, the fact that the United States government can weaponize your own accountant against you, renders the accountant’s “tax preparation” privilege useless in comparison to the comprehensive protections you are allowed under the attorney-client privilege.

When dealing with serious IRS tax problems, tax attorneys utilize the services of accountants pursuant to the terms of a "Kovel letter", named after United States v. Kovel.  Simply explained, your tax lawyer hires the accountant, not you, to assist with your IRS tax problem. This relationship ensures that the accountant is doing your tax accounting and return preparation, but reports as a subcontractor to your lawyer. This arrangement, if properly managed, extends the umbrella of the attorney-client privilege to the accountant’s work and communications.

Like federal tax laws generally, there are several important exceptions governing the implementation of this unique professional relationship.  Therefore, you should speak with a tax attorney about your IRS tax problem to ensure your rights are protected.

Charles Dillon being honored by the Governor of Maryland and the Prime Minster of Montenegro

Hiring the right tax attorney, especially an affordable tax attorney, to help resolve your IRS tax problems can mean the difference between "financial life or death." Charles Dillon is an internationally recognized tax attorney, who stands apart from all other tax attorneys in Maryland. For nearly 25 years, he has worked with the highest levels of government and clients from all corners of the globe have hired him for his tax resolution services. In fact, his professional achievements have been recognized by world leaders, high level government officials and the media. When you hire Charles Dillon to help resolve your IRS tax problems, you are hiring a tax attorney with a vast amount of legal experience solving complex IRS tax problems. He understands the stakes are very high.