International press conference with Maryland Tax Attorney Charles Dillon and US Ambassador

​​​​​​Charles Dillon is an internationally recognized Maryland tax attorney, who for nearly 25 years has worked with the highest levels of government.  He provides strategic tax resolution services to individuals and businesses regarding their IRS tax problemsinternational tax law compliance, IRS criminal investigations, and compliance with State of Maryland taxes. Clients from all over the world have hired Charles Dillon to help them as their tax attorney because of his reputation for excellence and achieving outstanding results with IRS tax problems.    

Professional Recognitions

Experienced Maryland Tax Attorney

Maryland Tax Attorney worked at the US Tax Court

International press conference with Charles Dillon and US Ambassador

Maryland Tax Attorney worked at the IRS

​​​​​​​​​​​After nearly 25 years of fighting and negotiating for his clients both in the United States and overseas, Charles Dillon has many professional successes and legal distinctions spanning his entire career. Individually, each success evidences his dedication to hard work and excellence. Together they exemplify a career of foresight, strategic planning, and the ability to overcome insurmountable challenges. Charles Dillon brings all of these skills and experiences to helping his clients when providing tax resolution services to resolve his clients' IRS tax problems. Some of the highlights of Charles Dillon's impressive legal career include: 

  • Honored by presidents and other heads of state and heads of government for his hard work and negotiation skills on behalf of his clients seeking diplomatic and government intervention;

  • Past advisor to the University of Baltimore School of Law;

  • Received the highest rating possible - "Superb" - by Avvo in the areas of tax law, business law and international law; and

​​​​Charles Dillon is a reliable and wise choice for those in need of a knowledgeable and affordable tax attorney, as well as a tax attorney who has an extensive background providing business and international legal counsel. You will always be treated with courtesy and integrity, and also provided realistic and honest legal advice.

IRS tax problems can mean the difference between "financial life or death." When you hire Charles Dillon to help resolve your IRS tax problems, you are hiring a serious tax attorney with a vast amount of legal experience solving complex IRS tax problems. He understands the stakes are very high.

Maryland Tax Attorney worked at the SEC

Charles T. Dillon, Esq. 
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Maryland Tax Attorney Charles Dillon honored by Governor of Maryland and Prime Minster of Montenegro

Charles Dillon is uniquely qualified to help individuals and businesses with their IRS and State of Maryland tax problems. During his career, he has worked for:

Maryland Tax Attorney worked at the US Department of Justice

Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”      - Winston Churchill.

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Charles Dillon being honored by the Governor of Maryland and the Prime Minster of Montenegro